About Us

BS in Mechanical Engineering
UC Santa Barbara 1997
Member: SME


BS in Mechanical Engineering
UC Berkely 2002
PE Certification 2005, #M33214


With a multiplicity of skills ranging from design to fabrication Reese Engineering aims to solve the resolvable mechanical engineering problems afflicting high-tech industries. With candor, attention to detail, and a sense of humor we welcome any stumbling block your company is facing.


By creating sophisticated, yet simple and cost-saving mechanical components and machines Reese Engineering is the go-to engineering firm, providing solutions to the most difficult engineering problems to increase customer’s productivity and profit.

By using Reese Engineering for your engineering solutions, you can:

increase revenue by improving on your current technology
free-up current resources to put towards new work and new contracts
engage your customers with expanded capabilities, skills, and technology
get the “housekeeping” or nagging small projects completed
be more cost effective in the current economy

Where does Reese Engineering fit into your organization?

At the Engineering Level –

We can provide engineering consulting to augment your current engineering staff

As an engineer with an extensive background in manufacturing, Reese Engineering will:

Provide better solutions to transition designs to prototypes
Make your products and projects easier to manufacture
Make your products and projects cost effective and require less time consuming to produce

At the Fabrication Level –

When the time comes to physically make parts, we can get it done.
We specialize in quick turnaround, Prototyping, Repair work / rework

When is the best time to engage with us? Any Time

At the initial stages of a project
When you are overwhelmed and/or need more resources
For training / instructional assistance for design, manufacturing, machining, safety
When you don’t know who can do it, or don’t know who can do it locally
At crunch time / Crisis / emergency
When all else fails

We look forward to doing business with you!